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    lifebook dvd

    Putting the Pieces Together DVD, Importance of Lifebooks

    Posted by Susan on August 04, 2010
    adoption lifebooks / No Comments

    I recently ordered an excellent lifebook training DVD that is distributed by Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. The DVD is entitled, “Putting the Pieces Together: Lifebook Work With Children” and is available on their website: http://www.lssi.org/Support/lifebooks.aspx

    As I have said previously, I believe that creating a lifebook for our foster and adopted children is one of the most important things we can do for them. A lifebook contains the chronological history of a child’s life, pictures, artwork, memorabilia, along with information that reflects a child’s understanding of the difficulties and changes that have occurred in his or her life. The lifebook also highlights and celebrates the child’s strengths, hopes and dreams. For a child, lifebook work is a path to their memories and to a reinterpretation of their memories. It is also a path to understanding and integrating their memories. Lifebooks are great for children in foster care or who have been adopted. They promote healing and provide concrete understanding of the reasons why they were unable to return to their birth families. Lifebooks give children permission to love and cherish their adoptive families as well as their birth families.

    The “Putting the Pieces Together” DVD provides instruction on how to do Lifebook work with children using a teamwork approach. It was great to see how the lives of these children have been impacted in a positive way by being able to discuss and work through issues they are dealing with. It made me very proud to see that the teenage girl on the video was using our teen lifebook, The Real Me. She had very high praise for what our lifebook meant to her and how it helped her. Making lifebooks available to the children is such a rewarding experience for me.

    Help me get the word out. Lifebooks are great!

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